My Palava: A Smart App for Smart Professionals

By LODHA 24 March 2020

Being a Smart City, technology is an integral part of planning at Palava, from smart card access in residential buildings, to sustainability initiatives such as Solid Waste Management,  Palava  has  always  been  at the frontier of all things smart. And that is why, when it comes to the office spaces at Palava, technology finds its niche in providing an innovative, convenient, and holistic experience to corporate employees.

The smart app that’s being designed will provide a plethora of smart services:

Employee Smart Access: Provides smart, secure and hassle-free access with comfort and convenience on the phone.

Smart Parking Management: Enables digitally authenticated vehicle movement in the parking zone  through Automatic Number Plate Recognition logic.

Smart Connected Cafeteria: Provides cashless and trackable food ordering solutions from connected office cafeterias and the Xperia Mall.

Smart Connectivity: Enables real-time tracking of shuttle buses to provide an estimated time of arrival at the location along with options to book seats in the bus.

With the use of smart technology, the commercial spaces in Palava will provide a convenient and hassle-free experience to corporate employees.

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