Palava Business District: India's premier business district with 7 Mn. sq. ft. of world-class offices

World-class offices designed for the new age millennials


Palava is developing a business district for the future in the MMR - one that will provide world-class offices at Lower operating cost. By 2025, the Palava International Business District will have over 7 million sq. ft. of office spaces for all your future expansion needs, with over 100,000 working professionals across BFSI, Advanced IT, ITeS, Media, Pharmaceuticals and similar industries. It’s the perfect location for companies looking to expand. Palava’s first office building is ready for occupation.

HDFC Bank, India’s leading private sector bank, has signed up as anchor tenant. Palava’s own business accelerator (in partnership with Zone Startups) operates out of this building. 

Benefits - 

Lower operating cost
Up to 50%*cost savings compared to any metro in India

Ample talent availability
Over 250,000 qualified employees

Excellent connectivity
Superb road, rail connectivity supplemented by shuttle bus service to nearby mass transit systems

Range of floor plates available. Built-to-suit and co-working office options

Hassle free operations
'Just Ask Service' to ensure companies can move into Palava without any hassles

Better quality of life
High quality residences and retail/F&B<- 15 mins walk away

*Manpower Group Report 2017


Environmentally conscious design to offer spaces that are as stylish as they are sustainable. These offices implement a series of green processes and features such as 100% wastewater recycling, renewable power generation, shading and low-emissivity glass for more efficient cooling, naturally ventilated parking areas, and provisions for non-polluting transportation like electric cars and bicycles. These offices are just as good to the environment as they are to its people.  

Employee well-being
Palava's exemplary social infrastructure is designed for health and wellness of your employees. They will enjoy access to high-quality residences, world-class sports, entertainment and cultural venues. With its walk-to-work ecosystem, you will have healthier, more productive employees. Amenities and facilities like AC bus service, F&B options in the vicinity adds to the productivity of your employees.

Employee collaboration
These dynamic workspaces are a great place to meet and collaborate. Bathed in bright natural light and fresh green spaces, these workspaces encourage people to innovate and co-create. Grand double height lobby with collaborative spaces, informal meeting spaces, co-working centres encourages interaction and collaboration.

Operations will be enhanced and made more efficient by a series of slick technological innovations. Online portals will let you do everything from interact with others in the building to book meeting rooms from wherever you are. Security features will enable swift employee access and screen out trespassers. Your office, and everyone in it, will be protected by the best in electronic surveillance and security. And smart elevators, programmed to group people going to the same floor together, will reduce wait time. 

Our technology creates unlimited opportunities to offer you an ever-improving office experience. Benchmarked against the highest standards: including LEED (USGBC), WELL and FITWEL. 

  • Energy efficient: with natural light, and renewable energy sources. 
  • Green and urban agriculture to improve air quality and increase cooling efficiency. 
  • Wastewater recycling to optimise water usage. 
  • Constant monitoring of systems to ensure they’re working perfectly and efficiently.

iThink by Lodha, Palava

iThink by Lodha (Tower A & B), catering to the young, dynamic crowd of millennial professionals, is a part of a future-ready office campus in Palava.

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