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Business Opportunities

It took the world's smartest minds over half a decade to envision Palava, a city designed from the ground up to build a thriving economy that will offer a true Live-Work-Learn-Play environment for the first time in India. The city aims to give your business a competitive edge while providing high-quality governance, a good quality of life and lower living costs.

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Palava Business District with sustainable buildings and collaborative workspaces, markedly different from gated IT campus.


Industrial Park

The industrial park will focus on providing world class infrastructure and management in partnership with ESR, a leading global developer of Industrial and Logistics Parks.


Retail & Entertainment

Palava will be an entertainment and tourism destination with a focus on family entertainment, retail, museums and cultural venues.


Higher Education

20+ schools (3 operational) offering a range of curriculum run by local and international partners. Palava Institute offers learning in new world technologies in Artificial intelligence, big data etc.


Medical Services

The medical hub in Palava would aimed at addressing the significant demand-supply gap in healthcare facilities in the MMR region.


Business Benefits

We call Palava the 'City of Opportunity' because it is built and designed to give your business every convenience imaginable and every competitive advantage you need to keep winning.

Lower operating cost

Lower operating cost

Up to 50% less costs than other micro markets in Indian metros. 

Despite its location in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), Palava will be the most affordable, high-quality business district and industrial hub amongst all Indian cities.

Your business will benefit from lower direct costs driven by:

  • Savings in rentals
  • Lower electrical tariffs compared to commercial rates
  • Lower property tax
  • Lower operational costs with efficient PCMA operations

Your employees will benefit from:

  • Lower rentals for high-quality residences
  • Walk-to-work ecosystem: reducing commuting expenses and saving time
  • Improved quality of life with a healthy: work-life balance

Ease of doing business

Ease of doing business

Cut red tape. Focus on your business not approvals.

Palava removes the hassle from setting-up and operating your business with its unique 'Just Ask' service - a single window that helps you obtain all setup-related permits and permissions.

Your business will benefit from:

  • 100% private land with clear title
  • All setup approvals handled by us
  • Hassle free operations ensured by Palava City Management Association

Excellent connectivity

Excellent connectivity

Located at the gateway to Mumbai

Palava enjoys a location advantage as it's at the gateway to Mumbai - in the heart of the triangle of growth between Thane, Kalyan and Navi Mumbai.

With excellent road connectivity in place, Palava will benefit from upcoming infrastructural developments like:

  • Navi Mumbai International Airport
  • Elevated corridor to improve connectivity to Airoli
  • Proposed Taloja- Kalyan-Dombivili circular metro loop
  • Rail expansion (Diva - Airoli)

World-class infrastructure

World-class infrastructure

Every facility and service your business needs to operate efficiently. 

Palava’s world-class infrastructure was conceived by global experts Sasaki and Buro Happold. The city is professionally maintained by the Palava City Management Association (PCMA) to ensure eve

Your business will benefit from:

  • 24x7 power availability with express feeders
  • Abundant supply of water
  • Fibre optic high-speed internet, free Wi-Fi
  • Centralised monitoring in partnership with IBM
  • Round-the-clock patrolling with private security
  • Well shaded, wide footpaths



Tap into a talent pool of over 250,000, at the lowest cost in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Companies setting up at Palava will have access to a talent pool of over 250,000* highly qualified professionals that live around Palava, within a 30 min. drivin

Social infrastructure is designed for the health and wellness of your employees

  • Access to high-quality residences
  • World-class sports, entertainment and cultural venues, all at significantly lower prices than other cities.
  • With its walk-to-work ecosystem, you will have healthier, more productive employees that are easier to retain.

As Per Manpower Report 2017



India’s first ‘green mobility’ city.

Palava is India’s first ‘green mobility’ city with wide footpaths, cycling lanes and e-scooters to reduce the city‘s carbon footprint. Intelligent city design places everything you need – workplaces, schools, and parks – just a

Sustainability at Palava entails:

  • Over 200,000 trees planned with 25% green spaces
  • 100% of potable water is recycled
  • Over 95% of waste is recycled
  • Eco-friendly transport facilities like bicycle rentals
  • Smart buildings to reduce power consumption by up to 50%

Partnering with the finest to bring you the best

Technology partner for Palava’s smart city operations and command center.
Partners for architectural planning.
Partners in solar and energy solution.
Partners for engineering management and development.
Partners for landscape planning.
Partners for Architecture Planning & Engineering.
Partners for master-planning and design consultants.
Partner for water recycling & STP (sewage treatment plants).
Partners for master-planning and design consultants

Welcome to the city of opportunity

Welcome to the city of opportunity



Approximately an hour’s drive from South Mumbai (via the Eastern Freeway)

Over 30 dedicated buses for connectivity within and outside Palava.

Road widening and flyover along Mumbai-Shilphata to reduce travel time to Thane

Easy access to 4-lane MIDC road^ to Taloja and Navi Mumbai Airport.


Nearest stations include Dombivli (Central Line), Ghansoli (Harbour Line), and Diva (Vasai-Panvel Line)

Planned metro from Taloja to Kalyan with stop in/near Palava


Close to the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport.

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