City Planning

Palava is designed to suit the modern lifestyles of today and tomorrow. Meticulous planning and foresight are evident in every aspect of the city, from its fibre optic network to its intelligent city management systems.

Walk to Everything

Lodha Palava City - Garden and Play Area

Every home is no more than a short walk away from everything you need to live a fulfilling life. Whether it’s the glorious Centre for Arts and Culture, the central avenue that showcases international restaurant and retail brands, world-class schools or the gleaming business district that brings over a million job opportunities to you, it’s all a 5, 10 or 15-minute walk away.

Lodha Palava City - Garden and Play Area


Comprised of the citizens of Palava, expert city administrators and urban planners, Palava City Management Association (PCMA) is responsible for everything from ensuring near uninterrupted and stable power supply and water to the formulation of city policies and providing high-quality but cost-effective services. The presence of citizens in this body will create an inclusive ecosystem of end-users and experts. The result: an organisation that offers the efficiency of the private sector with the commitment of a not-for-profit organisation.

PCMA overlooks a range of operations, including:

Energy and water

In addition to a steady supply of water from government agencies and nearby natural sources, the city has partnered with companies like General Electric (GE) to reuse 100% waste water for landscaping, cooling, and others non potable uses. The city has also implemented rainwater harvesting measures and maintains the water- table to ensure sustainability.

To ensure near uninterrupted and stable power supply, the city has entered into an agreement with MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.). The city will also use smart prepaid meters that will allow citizens to monitor their electricity usage, tariff, and get alerts. Almost 10% of the electricity for Palava’s public spaces will be generated through solar power. A solar power plant of 1.4 MW capacity extendable to 1.8 MW is implemented to power the retail hub of the city. The roof of Lodha World School has a rooftop solar and most of streetlights are either solar-powered or LED.

Waste Management

Palava aims to create a smart waste management which view waste as a resource and ensures that less than 5% waste goes to the landfill. Separate bins are provided in the city for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. A dedicated large-scale solid waste transfer station and processing plant is being set-up to convert all organic waste into manure or biogas for electricity generation. By 2020 the biogas plant in Palava will generate 600 KWH of electricity per day which is equivalent to a 0.2 MW power plant.

Smart Features

Palava Smart Card (PSC): Every citizen possesses this smart identity card which acts as an e-wallet and access card to services and facilities throughout the city.

Palava Portal: This online e-portal allows citizens to register and track responses to problems, book city facilities, check energy usage and transport schedules, view live camera footage of different parts of the city, and get local updates.

Click [here] to access the portal

Lodha Palava City - Garden and Play Area

Safety and Security

An intelligent 5-tier security and monitoring system that includes everything from electronic access systems and fire alarms to CCTV surveillance and street-level panic buttons is present at Palava. Currently, over 450 cameras help maintain the safety levels of the city.


Palava has a range of processes in place to ensure that none of its many roads are ever congested.

The Palava Shuttle Service offers its citizens bus services to major work zones including Thane, Vashi, Powai, BKC, Lower Parel and more. Shuttle services are also provided to and from the nearest railway stations, including Dombivali, Thane and Kalyan. Additionally, sRide offers an effective solution to carpool with colleagues working in the same vicinity. Uber and Ola are easily available within the city.

The fleet management system ensures safety and efficient operation of bus services, waste disposal trucks and emergency response vehicles.

The parking management system ensures that reserved parking slots are not encroached upon. There are separate parking areas for visitors.

System enablers help predict traffic and inform road users about alternatives through communication channels and digital signage to prevent congestion.

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