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Palava: designed from the ground up to give your business a competitive edge.

Palava was envisioned and developed as a private sector solution to the urbanisation challenges of the delevoping world - a city that aims to be the finest in India, and amongst the world's top 50 cities.

The city was designed from ground up to propel business forward, while providing high-quality governance, a good quality of life, and lower living costs.

Perfect solution to integrated infrastructure challenge

Palava is designed to grow intelligently, systematically and become a true model for 'Work-Live-Learn-Play' development. The city is already bustling with opportunities and is home to over 100,000 people, making Palava India's fastest growing city. Over US $2 billion has already been invested into developing the city. And that's just the beginning. By 2025, it is estimated that Palava will have an economy of US $10 billion. 

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    2.5 Mn. Sq. Ft.
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    7 Mn. Sq. Ft
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    2+ million
    40 Mn. Sq. Ft. (20 sq.km)
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Palava master plan

Phase I

Palava Phase I is spread over 120 hectares.. This phase is already bustling with activity with over 100,000 residents enjoying highest quality residential and social amenities with two operational schools and a mall (Xperia) spread over 0.4 million sq.ft.. The first office space spread over 0.15 million sq. ft. is ready for occupation starting June 2018

Phase II

Palava Phase II is spread over 500 hectares, with handover of units having already commenced. There will be 7 million square feet of office space that will be developed. Additionally, 0.20 million sq. ft. of high-street retail is being planned in Phase II. A medical district comprising of secondary and tertiary hospitals, technical training institutes and family-focused entertainment centre are also part of the development

Make In India Hub

A 120-acre, Grade A logistics and non-polluting manufacturing hub with focus on logistics and value-added industries is planned here. This will address the growing demand for warehousing and industrial facilities, supported by its proximity to various parts of the MMR, the JNPT port and the upcoming International Airport.

Recognised as one of the world’s top emerging cities. Time for your business to take notice.

India's No. 1 smart city

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1st greenfield smart city

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