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World-class education and learning ecosystem

Higher Education

Palava will focus on creating an end-to-end ecosystem for world-class education and learning. This will comprise of:

- The hub of R&D and advanced learning: Technical Colleges/Universities in collaboration with global leaders. Specific focus areas will be on relevant skills needed for sectors like:

  • Value added information technology: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Animation, Virtual Reality, Data Analytics.
  • Urbanization: Smart City, Renewable energy, Construction, Real Estate, Governance, Architecture, Urban Planning.

Over time, the Palava Institute will support creation of a knowledge economy in Palava through University-linked incubators, R&D capabilities, industry collaborations and university linked science parks.

- Training institutes that focus on skilling the workforce in employment intensive service sectors like hospitality, nursing, travel, media, finance, etc.

- 3 operational schools. Offering a range of curriculum (ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE, IB) run by different partners (local & international).

- Palava Institute for continuous learning to ensure working professionals engage in life-long learning in order to achieve fulfilling careers and contribute towards growth of economy in Palava city. Click here to know more.