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Mita Mamania – A Keen Badminton Pla...

The move to Palava has been recent and this shift has been a very positive one for me. My family and I moved to Palava from Ambernath in April 2016. Before shifting here, I had heard a lot of positive things about Palava and the fact that this city is regarded as the No. 1 Smart City just piqued

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Casa Carnival...

Casa Carnival is a fun-fair evening organised in Palava by the Palava Citizen Management Association. To be held at the Amphitheatre, by the Rio riverside promenade,

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Step Out To Stay Fit...

Do you like to stroll in the mall? Do Bollywood beats make you tap your feet? Does nature make you strap on your hiking boots? Are you a religious yoga buff?

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Silly Home Security Mistakes!...

It is time to leave on a holiday and ensure the house is secure before you leave. You are in a hurry or worried about the last minute checks before leaving the house.

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What does Palava mean to its resident...

Palava isn’t just a place to live. It’s a way to live. For Palavians, it’s the city that makes them more.

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Palava: An Innovative Answer to India...


Our infrastructure, governance and quality of life in our cities is already lagging and imagine what happens if an entire Europe gets added into Indian cities in the next 15 years?

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Our infrastructure, governance and quality of life in our cities is already lagging and imagine w

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