Palava Secures Additional Water Supply from MIDC

Water self-sufficiency is one of the key aspects of how Palava is designed. Right from the inception, Palava partnered with MIDC for an uninterrupted water supply for its citizens. This water supply is being managed through the Bharvi Dam. Recently, we have successfully secured additional water supply for Phase - II from MIDC to take care of the future water requirement of our residents till Dec’22. This has been possible as a result of our pro-active and efficient planning, timely liaising and the support received from MIDC.

Further, in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply to our residents even during planed and emergency water cuts, PCMA has undertaken multiple initiatives:
1. Ground Storage Reservoirs (GSRs)
2. Regular monitoring and leakage detection using Ultrasonic UG tests
3. RO Plant

RO plant augments our existing natural reservoirs within Palava and provides for capacity equivalent to 40 tankers as buffer stock.

Over the last 4 months, PCMA worked together with Resident Council - City Engineering & Infrastructure Council and educated residents in phase 2, on their water consumption patterns. As a result of this awareness and efforts of our residents, we have achieved 20% reduction in overall water consumption over the last 4 months.

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