Shot at Palava

Palava hosts Pinkathon-Plankathon with Milind Soman

By Palava 14 October 2019

Palava is a thriving city and has always been an advocate for healthy, active lifestyle. Staying true to these principles, the city often hosts events and activities which create awareness and encourage citizens to stay fit. On 22nd September 2019, Palava became the venue for a historic, record-breaking moment as over 1000 women participated in Palava Plankathon and Pinkathon Run with Milind Soman. The event which began in the wee hours of the morning attracted women from all areas and from across different walks of life.

Post warm up, an enthusiastic group of women motivated by the words of ace runner, actor and fitness promoter Milind Soman, got into positions and executed the plank for 90 seconds, thus making it to the World Book of Records. This was followed by 3 km, 5 km and baby-wearing runs in which women of all ages participated, re-iterating spirits of comraderie and sisterhood.

Participants who came from other parts of Mumbai were amazed and shared their views on Palava, calling it a neat, clean and green city that they would love to come back to. 

The compliments were many and along the lines of - “Even though it was quite sunny, thanks to all the trees and greenery in Palava, we actually enjoyed every moment outdoors. Never seen such a well-maintained and tidy city in India before. Palava is truly one-of-a-kind city”


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