Rinee Bhagnari – Unstoppable Tennis Prodigy & a Palavian

By Lodha 19 December 2019

Age – 15 years
Sport – Tennis

We used to stay in Ulhasnagar, and I would practice Tennis in our society compound. My father is an avid Tennis player and always found time to share his tricks and techniques for playing Tennis. This is how I got introduced to the game and started playing Tennis at the age of seven years. My father always encouraged me to take up the sports even though I had Asthma and ensured that it never came in my way of playing any sports. 

In 2015, my parents decided to move to Palava as it is one of the greenest and clean cities with fresh air. At Palava I found high-quality sports infrastructure from grand clubhouses, swimming pools to the Olympic Sports Complex with five tennis courts and other sports arena. I started practicing Tennis regularly and took up swimming as I believe it is one of the best forms of exercise. I and my younger sister Divyana, often go cycling within the city even late at night as it is one of the safest and secure places. 

I participated in PALASO 2019 - the annual sports event of Palava, and won the Tennis Championship in the 'Under 16' category.  Apart from Tennis, I also play Badminton and have won Badminton Championship at Kalyan Sports Tournament 2019. I also got selected among the top 100 Australian Open Hall of Fame 2019, held in Delhi (round 1). I firmly believe wheezing and coughing can no longer be a hindrance to me in becoming a professional Tennis player.

In my leisure time, I like drawing, reading books, so much that I have read more than 900 books so far. I do homeschooling and manage my time well. My doctor had suggested my parents stay in an unpolluted environment, and now I think I can live nowhere better than in Palava.


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