Arin Mukherjee - Table Tennis Player - Palava Rising Star 2018

By Lodha 09 January 2020

Right from a very young age, Arin started participating in table tennis tournaments. After being part of the Thane district level table tennis tournament, Arin became popular in Palava. The 7-year-old table tennis prodigy, competed with advance players in the U-10 category at district rankings competition last year to prove his skills.

"Arin gained this self-confidence, focus and concentrated approach towards table tennis and studies from Rising Star program", says Arjeet Mukherjee, Arin's father. Arjeet, being a sports enthusiast himself, always wanted Arin to pick up some sport rather than switching TV channels. He made sure, Arin joins him on his morning running sessions in Palava. Looking at his interest in sports, Arjeet enrolled him into swimming, where Arin got coached under the expert guidance of Rupali Repale.

"It was during the 2018 Palava Summer Camp that we saw Arin's inclination towards table tennis. After the camp, we approached the PCMA team, who helped us enrol him with the table tennis coaching program", says Shilpi Mukherjee, Arin’s mother.

From here, there was no looking back. Arin participated in Palaso 2018 and basis his performance; he got selected for 'Palava Rising  Star' program. During his summer vacations, Arin dedicatedly attended daily sessions of TT which used to start at 5:00 am. He is a very determined kid and never misses a single TT session. 'Palava Rising Star' is an excellent sporting program where kids get to learn, be part of various sports sessions within and outside Palava." says Shilpi Muherjee.

Today, Arin has developed a good sense of concentration and enthusiasm to learn more things. "At school Arin’s attentive nature is impressive", mentions his class teacher. His teachers insisted Arjeet and Shipli to continue with Arin’s TT sessions and provide help in studies whenever required.

The journey of Arin from nowhere to junior TT sensation was challenging. Arjeet quit his job from a multinational IT firm and started his own business to give more attention to Arin’s TT coaching, while Shilpi is still juggling around her office hours and managing Arin’s whereabouts. "With secure eco-system, close community and excellent sports and coaching facilities, Palava is producing national and international sportspersons", say proud parents of Arin.


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