Monica Chandwani – A Dedicated Mother & A Palavian

I can confidently say that the move from Kalyan (where we previously resided) to Palava some 5 years ago has been the best decision of our lives. Moving to Palava seemed to be a practical decision for us as my husband runs his own business in Badlapur, and this move would have been beneficial for all of us.
While the whole ‘moving to a new place’ thought was running on our minds, the biggest concern for us was our kid’s education. We didn’t want to hamper our son’s routine or compromise on the quality of education. I wasn’t very convinced with the education system at Kalyan and hence, I was apprehensive at first. But, all my worries proved to be futile when we came across Lodha World School (LWS). As we researched and learned more about LWS, we realized that LWS was as invested as I was in my child’s growth. The state-of-the-art amenities, reputed faculties, and extra-curricular activities offered by the school were enough to convince me to opt for LWS. The school hasn’t only helped my child grow academically, but also physically and with emotional values. With Lodha World School being at a cycling distance from our home, the whole commute from home to school and back wasn’t tiring for my child. My kid loves football and is a part of the Palava FC team. The security here is top notch and I can vouch for my son’s safety while he’s playing around the building.

For me, there’s never a dull day here as there are so many activities and facilities made easily available. I am a member of various clubs and actively participate in several activities held in the city.

#PalavaMakesMeMore confident as I begin my journey towards investing in my child’s bright future without any fear.

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