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Situated in the economic triangle of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan, Palava is set to become India’s next metropolis.
Conveniently located, Palava offers effortless connectivity to major business hubs, so that getting to work is always a breeze.

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Naresh Bhatnagar – A Founding Member of The Senior Citizens’ Foundation & A Palavian

14 December, 2018

It’s been 5 wonderful years since I moved to Palava, post my retirement. I can easily claim that Palava has given me much more in the years I have been residing here than anything else has. Once I shifted here, I made many friends who are senior citizens just like me. All of us would gather at the nearby garden and we would participate in many activities together.

As people came to know about our senior citizen gathering, there were many who slowly, but gradually started joining, and eventually, we formed the senior citizen foundation at Palava. We have been doing so many things together and we’ve received unconditional support from Palava and PCMA for the same. Even though we’re the senior citizens’ group, our adventurous streak is still alive. Over the years, we’ve organized multiple excursions to several places. We have participated in numerous Palava initiatives and even host our own events, from time to time.

The senior citizens’ foundation is one of the most active and effective groups in Palava. I would like to give the credit for the success of this foundation to the Lodha Group and Shaishav Dharia.

According to me, Palava is ideal for senior citizens’ as this place has so many facilities to just relax and enjoy. We are constantly learning ourselves and trying to incorporate our learnings to teach things to citizens- be it planting more trees in the city or raising awareness about community living.

There’s a beautiful garden to spend my mornings and evenings at, while the temple is also very close. The atmosphere is clean and there’s greenery everywhere. I feel Palava is the perfect place to for anyone.

#PalavaMakesMeMore active to conduct as well as take part in new and exciting initiatives hosted by the Senior Citizens’ Foundation.



P R Subramanian – The Badminton Expert & A Palavian

05 December, 2018

My wife and I shifted to Palava in April 2016, and since then, Palava has become a special part of us as much as we’ve become an intricate part of it. Even though I’ve resided in Dombivli for years, Palava is where I actually learned to live my life to the fullest. My wife and I are a part of a huge community, where we actively participate in various programs. All my friends and neighbours fondly call me ‘Mani Sir’. I am also part of various groups and associations that have helped me forge friendships and we have discussions on various topics. At Palava, I lead an extremely busy and a fulfilling life.

I have always been a keen badminton player and have tried to discover opportunities to hone my badminton skills. Palava presented me with the chance to pick up this sport and practice every day. There are always tournaments held in the city wherein I can display my skills against other citizens, and try to become the best. These tournaments have helped me polish my skills. It has also been an opportunity for me to interact with new people and learn a lot from them. These tournaments held here have once again been successful in awakening the competitive spirit in me. I religiously practice yoga every day, go for morning jogs, and my wife and I are also good swimmers.

According to me, Palava has shown us the way of living a beautiful life. We live in spacious homes, have access to all requirements, and also enjoy clean air, a clean city, and a healthier lifestyle.

#PalavaMakesMeMore motivated to do what I love doing the most and teaches me a great lesson that it’s never too late to pursue what I love.



Mita Mamania – A Keen Badminton Player, Swimmer & A Palavian

30 December, 2018

The move to Palava has been recent and this shift has been a very positive one for me. My family and I moved to Palava from Ambernath in April 2016. Before shifting here, I had heard a lot of positive things about Palava and the fact that this city is regarded as the No. 1 Smart City just piqued my interest level all the more. Once I moved to the city, I realized why so many people had so many good things to say about this place. I was completely taken in by the beauty of this place. I was always interested and curious about the idea of a township, wherein all the amenities are available for individuals across all age groups. I wondered how that is even possible but is only when I moved here did I realize how effortlessly Palava manages to connect all its citizens through the concept of a township. There are world-class amenities offered here to children, parents, senior citizens. Everything is at a walking distance and the city itself is well-equipped with a clubhouse, swimming pool, garden area, etc.

My favourite part of the city has to be the open landscape (Casa Rio). Only when I moved here, I started pursuing badminton and swimming because the facilities and the teaching over here are top-notch. There is a spacious badminton court where I practice and the all exclusive ladies swimming pool urged me to take up swimming as a hobby. My family has been supportive of my hobbies, which is why I have participated in several badminton competitions, and I’ve been awarded the best player of the tournament during PALASO (first and biggest sporting event organized by PCMA).

#PalavaMakesMeMore courageous to go after my dreams and pursue them no matter what.



Anita Shinde – A Yoga Instructor & A Palavian

04 December, 2018

I have always been a calm person and Palava just adds to my sense of calm. I moved to Palava from Dombivli a few years ago. The hustle and bustle of the city and the growing chaos of the city life urged me to make the switch. I can proudly and gladly state that this was one of the best decisions I’ve taken as Palava contains all that I was looking for in a home. Known famously as ‘A Smart City’, what instantly impressed me when I initially came across Palava was the expanse and the infrastructure of this city, which is way ahead of its time.

I love how this city is well-planned and is strategically situated near all the important locations. I have always looked for a place that offers me a fulfilling lifestyle and Palava manages to do just that for me. This place is surrounded by beauty on all the sides.

The schools, malls and other facilities are all just a stone-throw away from my home. While I was residing at Dombivli, I used to religiously practice and conduct yoga classes. After moving to Palava, I was left speechless with the tranquillity that this place possesses. This, in turn, led me to take up an Art of Living course. I regularly practiced Art of Living and today, I teach the same course to several others within the city.

I also conduct classes in Yoga and give Art of Living lessons to 200 people, who come from different backgrounds and age groups, including senior citizens. I am extremely happy that the clean and nature-friendly Palava has given many individuals like me a chance to live a healthy lifestyle.

#PalavaMakesMeMore happy as I get to live and breathe in an environment that is clean, calm and full of life – just like me. 

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