Ashna Dixit – A Young Athlete & A Palavian

28 January, 2019

Ashna has been a water baby since she was four and a half years old, which is why it didn’t take her too much time to love swimming. We got her involved in a couple of activities like dancing, drawing and finally swimming. She started swimming in all seasons for 4 days and for 2 hours straight. Her breakthrough came in and she realized her love for swimming when we enrolled her in Rupali Repale’s Swimming Academy. Joining this academy has been the best decision ever as she has tasted sweet success in the form of achievements and acknowledgments.

While she won her first ever Gold medal in the freestyle category, she also won a Gold medal for her Backstroke style under the 6 years category at the Palaso event in 2018. Keeping her winning streak alive, Ashna has procured a Silver medal in Dualthon under the 6 years category at Palava in 2018. She has participated in the 9th State Level Open Sea Swimming Competition at Malvan organized by Sindhudurg Aquatic Association and covered 500 meters distance. Irrespective of her age, she has participated in freestyle at District Level in the under six years category held at Nerul Gymkhana in 2018 and participated in freestyle and Backstroke in the under eight years old category at Vibgyor, Airoli. While she has acquired Bronze medals in Freestyle and Kicking at Speedo that was organized for kids under the six years category, she has also done sea swimming from Uran to Gateway of India and covered the distance of 1 km.

Ashna has always been a wonder child for us even when she was awarded the ‘Eminent Girl’ at Palaso in 2018.

#PalavaMakesMeMore joyful of all that Ashna has achieved at such a young age and makes me excited for her bright future.

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Palava as the gateway to Mumbai’s massive economic opportunities

21 January, 2019

Mumbai is referred to as the financial and business capital of India, accounting for more than 6% of India’s economy. It ranked among world’s top 30 cities by GDP, 4th fastest growing Asian city (by GDP growth in the period up to 2021 – Oxford Economics) and it accounts for 40% of India’s foreign trade.

Despite Mumbai’s success, over the years its growth has been severely constrained due to characteristic challenges faced by big cities across the globe. This is where Palava steps into picture.

With 20 sq. km of land, strategically located in the heart of Mumbai Metropolitan Region’s growth corridor, Palava is designed to grow intelligently, systematically and become a true model for “work-live-learn-play” development. The city is already bustling with opportunities and is home to over 100,000 people, making Palava India’s fastest growing city. Over US$ 2 billion has already been invested into developing the city. And that’s just the beginning. Palava is envisioned to have an economy of over 10 billion US$ by 2025, which will provide up to 100000 jobs.

As a green field city, every inch of Palava has been designed to make the setting-up and running of businesses more seamless and economical than ever before. There’s no place in India that’s more geared up to take businesses to the next level, while keeping employees happy and productive.

The city is designed for Lowest Operating cost and businesses will benefit from lower direct costs driven by Savings in rentals, lower electrical tariffs compared to commercial rates, low Property tax.

Palava removes the hassle from setting up and operating businesses with its unique ‘Just Ask’ service – a single window that helps businesses obtain all setup related permits and permissions.

The city is managed by the ultra-efficient Palava City Management Association (PCMA), a private governing body that ensures Palava is run to international standards with an alignment to growing businesses and their productivity.

Palava’s world-class infrastructure was conceived by global experts Sasaki and Buro Happold. 24 x 7 power availability with Express Feeders, abundant water availability, Fibre Optic high-speed internet, Well shaded 3.5m wide footpaths, Round-the-clock patrolling with private security etc. ensure employees and visitors get the best infrastructure to operate in and benefit from.

Palava also boasts of readily available pool of over 250,000 professionals at the lowest cost in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. With its walk-to-work ecosystem, businesses will have healthier, productive employees that are easier to retain.

Palava is India’s first ‘green mobility’ city that’s designed for sustainability. Intelligent city design places everything you need – workplaces, schools, and parks – at just a 5 to 15 minute walk away. One will never need a car within the city- saving commuting costs, minimising travel time, and improving citizens’ quality of life.

The city has been designed to focus on 5 economic hubs:

  • Knowledge/Skill intensive service industries: An office district with sustainable buildings and collaborative workspaces, markedly different from the undifferentiated mass of India’s back offices, will attract the best companies from the Advanced IT, ITeS, back-office, BFSI, Pharma, Media and other similar industries. Our incubator will also provide the right building blocks for start-ups and early stage companies.
  • Logistics & non-polluting manufacturing: Palava’s manufacturing and logistics hub is the ideal location for logistics and value-added industries, with 24x7 power and water supply and excellent connectivity to the upcoming international airport and the JNPT port.
  • Higher Education: The research and education hub is being designed to develop talent in much needed 21st century technologies like AI, automation, big data and VR Medical Services and Pharma: The medical city will cater to domestic and international patients with a world-class tertiary care facility and a hub for private medical practices.
  • Entertainment and Tourism: Palava will be an entertainment and tourism destination with a focus on family entertainment, retail, museums and cultural venues.
  • Palava has embarked on the journey to build a thriving economy - one that will offer a true ‘Work-Live-Learn-Play’ environment delivering world class work and living solutions for the first time in India and is on way to truly establish itself as the gateway to tapping into Mumbai’s massive economic opportunities.


Palava: An Innovative Answer to India’s Urbanisation Conundrum

21 January, 2019

How are cities going to address the growing desire to listen and engage with their residents?

India is expected to undergo one of the largest urbanizations ever by 2030, with its urban population growing from 350 million in 2015 (30% of total) to 600 million (38% of total). Imagine adding almost the total population of Europe to India’s urban population over ten years-this is what India faces!

The extraordinary scale and pace of this transition is already placing an enormous burden on cities, and this reflects in their struggle to deliver even the most basic services to their citizens. Housing deficit, poor quality of city planning, vehicular population, rising pollution, poor quality of living and weak governance are challenges to be addressed. As of now, the list of unfinished and unattended items on the urbanisation agenda is long and daunting.

Going forward, whether these new cities become chaotic slums – or become truly sustainable, would depend on how city developers plan and respond to the urbanization challenge. The solution lies in how cities are planned, governed, and provide services to their citizens. Increasingly, experts are reiterating the need of a new model of urbanization that not only strives to improve liveability but also helps plan and build new future cities.

Palava is fast emerging as a case study for a sustainable model for urbanization in emerging economies. In a very short duration since its inception, Palava has become home to 100,000 + population, which is further expected to grow to 500,000 by 2025.Instead of imitating established models, Palava has innovated on how it wants to deal with urbanisation. The city has been designed to accept that infrastructure at this scale of urbanisation can never be sufficient, a high quality life and opportunity can be achieved for every citizen and city governance needs to be sustainable in long term.

Can we build a city where one doesn’t need a private vehicle?

Emerging cities with huge urbanization pressure cannot build sufficient infrastructure to keep up with enormous escalating demand. The move to driverless vehicles or electronic vehicles is great but it does not address the core issue of insufficient infrastructure. A radically different thought in designing cities is thus needed- this is where Palava, designed as the world’s first walking city, steps into the picture.

Palava is the world’s first “green mobility city” with wide footpaths, cycling lanes and e-scooters that save fossil fuels and reduce the carbon footprint. Intelligent city design places everything you need- workplaces, schools, and parks-at just a 5 to 15 minute walk away, saving community costs, minimizing travel time, and improving citizens’ quality of life. 25% green spaces and 60% open spaces enable Palava to maintain the best Air Quality Index of 60-70 in MMR.

Can we create responsible citizens to own and govern their own city?

Professionally run by Palava City Management Association (PCMA), Palava delivers an international standard of governance and public infrastructure at highly competitive costs. Resident councils have been formed where resident experts work closely with PCMA on day to day decision making for the city. All city information including financials are disclosed regularly for residents to evaluate and comment on. Palava’s technology infrastructure has played a key role in governance too and has provided multiple convenient platforms for residents and PCMA to interact with each other. Residents often use social media platforms, Palava’s dedicated app/portal to access information on day to day happenings in the city, access important documents and reach out to PCMA.

PCMA also plays an active role in managing activities to allow residents to interact with each other and foster a sense of community in the city. Cultural events, activity groups and Sports tournaments ensure that residents are party to a vibrant lifestyle all around the year. Palava has a FIFA standard football stadium, full-fledged cricket ground, 9-hole golf course and multiple cluster clubhouses with sports facilities like swimming pool, table tennis, badminton, tennis etc. An Olympic sports arena is being constructed that would be fully operational in the next two years.

Going forward

Palava is well on its way to become a model of innovation for urbanization. It’s getting recognition globally but more importantly, in a short span of 8 years, it has been able to create a vibrant sustainable eco-system, for its thriving community, which focuses on a big city’s aspirational appeal but also addresses its limitations. Innovative solutions delivered in Palava have been very successful and need to become the way ahead for all city planners still struggling with addressing the urbanization challenge.

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Monica Chandwani – A Dedicated Mother & A Palavian

07 January, 2019

I can confidently say that the move from Kalyan (where we previously resided) to Palava some 5 years ago has been the best decision of our lives. Moving to Palava seemed to be a practical decision for us as my husband runs his own business in Badlapur, and this move would have been beneficial for all of us.
While the whole ‘moving to a new place’ thought was running on our minds, the biggest concern for us was our kid’s education. We didn’t want to hamper our son’s routine or compromise on the quality of education. I wasn’t very convinced with the education system at Kalyan and hence, I was apprehensive at first. But, all my worries proved to be futile when we came across Lodha World School (LWS). As we researched and learned more about LWS, we realized that LWS was as invested as I was in my child’s growth. The state-of-the-art amenities, reputed faculties, and extra-curricular activities offered by the school were enough to convince me to opt for LWS. The school hasn’t only helped my child grow academically, but also physically and with emotional values. With Lodha World School being at a cycling distance from our home, the whole commute from home to school and back wasn’t tiring for my child. My kid loves football and is a part of the Palava FC team. The security here is top notch and I can vouch for my son’s safety while he’s playing around the building.

For me, there’s never a dull day here as there are so many activities and facilities made easily available. I am a member of various clubs and actively participate in several activities held in the city.

#PalavaMakesMeMore confident as I begin my journey towards investing in my child’s bright future without any fear.


Bindu Prabhu – A Trained Badminton Player & A Palavian

07 January, 2019

For me moving from Virar to Palava has been a big switch. We moved to Palava in 2015 and since then, I’ve only been in awe of this place and its beauty. We were contemplating shifting to Navi Mumbai keeping in mind our son’s higher education. But, we hadn’t decided on anything concrete, which is when Palava happened. We came across an advertisement for Palava, and we couldn’t resist from visiting their website. The rest, as they say, is history. We visited Palava and were mesmerized on our first visit itself. It’s going to be close to 4 years now and we’re loving it.

Everyone here at Palava is one big, happy family, where each one is supportive of the other and it feels like we live in a joint family.

I used to be a fitness enthusiast, but time was always an issue for me. As and when I used to watch my son Aditya play badminton, I also developed an urge to take up this sport. I started playing badminton in order to stay fit, and I’ve come across people, who have inspired me and supported me every step of the way. I have competed against great opponents who have taught me a lot and helped improve my game, irrespective of winning or losing. One of the most unforgettable moments of my life would have to be the time when I played alongside my son for a mixed doubles match and the best part was when we won as a team. I have practiced and won every doubles match conducted since 2015, including a doubles winner in Palaso’s first edition.

Now, Mita and I are training hard to compete in badminton tournaments outside Palava.

#PalavaMakesMeMore excited regarding what the future holds in terms of my passion for Badminton.

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