Palava Citizens Celebrated 75 th Independence Day with Pride!

18 August, 2021


The celebration included various socio-cultural events and activities with adherence to all government regulations. The day began with hoisting of Indian National Flag igniting the feeling of nationalism and patriotism, followed by a colourful and a vibrant Dhol-Tasha event underlining our cultural diversity.

Kids Painting

A drawing competition was also organised to motivate kids who exhibited their creative skills and ideas and brilliantly expressed them on the canvas in the form of paint and colour strokes. We would like to thank all our residents for actively participating and our resident councils in helping us organize the events.


Palava Secures Additional Water Supply from MIDC

18 August, 2021

Water self-sufficiency is one of the key aspects of how Palava is designed. Right from the inception, Palava partnered with MIDC for an uninterrupted water supply for its citizens. This water supply is being managed through the Bharvi Dam. Recently, we have successfully secured additional water supply for Phase - II from MIDC to take care of the future water requirement of our residents till Dec’22. This has been possible as a result of our pro-active and efficient planning, timely liaising and the support received from MIDC.

Further, in order to ensure uninterrupted water supply to our residents even during planed and emergency water cuts, PCMA has undertaken multiple initiatives:
1. Ground Storage Reservoirs (GSRs)
2. Regular monitoring and leakage detection using Ultrasonic UG tests
3. RO Plant

RO plant augments our existing natural reservoirs within Palava and provides for capacity equivalent to 40 tankers as buffer stock.

Over the last 4 months, PCMA worked together with Resident Council - City Engineering & Infrastructure Council and educated residents in phase 2, on their water consumption patterns. As a result of this awareness and efforts of our residents, we have achieved 20% reduction in overall water consumption over the last 4 months.


Waterfront at Palava Now Open!

18 August, 2021


Waterfront at Palava is a large green expanse with jogging and cycling track, which is now open to its citizens. Here, one can practice mindfulness with yoga or enjoy picnic time with their loved ones apart from engaging in leisure activities.


Waterfront adds to the existing list of large green open spaces such as Lakeside Park, Riverside Promenade at Rio, which are extensively used by the residents to experience nature up-close and at the same time stay fit.

Have you visited Palava Waterfront yet?


Benefits of Living in Palava City

24 March, 2021

Palava is more than an address, a statement, or an aspiration – it is a conscious commitment to a better quality of life. In its concept and inspiration, the city was intended to be self- fulfilling. It was intended to blend a balance of health and wellness, work and opportunity, education and recreation, and entertainment and hospitality. Palava has delivered on all these counts, offering over one lac residents the opportunity of maximizing their time, space, and life. If you are still looking for tangible gains from Palava, we bring you the 10 biggest winners.

Sprawling acres of the city make for a grand living experience: Built over 4500 acres, Palava exemplifies everything that is unhurried, uncrowded, and unmatched. You will notice a sense of expansiveness envelops you whether you are at the 3.5 km Central Avenue that connects Palava internally, at your apartment window, or even just standing out on the greens. The limitlessness of Palava is its biggest win. 

Superior connectivity to all parts of the city:  Palava is strategically located between Kalyan, Thane and Navi Mumbai and offers great connectivity to other parts of the city via road, rail network.  Furthermore, several ongoing infrastructure upgrades are bound to facilitate better movement. The 6-lane road connecting Kalyan-Shil road and Ambernath- Badlapur road is expected to be finished in the last quarter of 2021. Also, the homes are at a walking distance from metro stations on the upcoming Kalyan-Taloja metro line. 

Well-planned city layout ensures you have everything you need just a short walk away: Palava is a marvel as far as planning is concerned. The concept of putting pedestrians first has encouraged a more active ecosystem where walking, jogging, and cycling are among the easiest and most invigorating ways to get about. Wide roads and dedicated walkways, along with vast jogging tracks, make it easy to stay on your feet and keep fit! Besides the city is based on the notion of 5-10-20 whereby everything you need right from daily essentials, leisure activities, school, work, etc. will be located within the 5 to 20 mins radius from your apartment. 

It's a city that caters to everyone: Whether you are a newly married couple looking to start a new life, a family with children, an elderly couple looking to recreate the magic of companionship, or a single working professional looking for an apartment in a wholesome ecosystem, Palava is for everyone. With schools, business centers, recreational facilities, temples, medical facilities and shopping complexes all contained within the city, one really wonders why there is any need to go out elsewhere. 

Palava makes being healthy easier: The city is designed to weave health and wellness into your daily life. Ample doses of fresh air, abundant greens, and tranquil surroundings keep you feeling serene and content. A multitude of fitness options in clubhouse, sports courts, parks and gym will keep you physically fit and rejuvenated. On the other hand, the Healthspring medical clinics, pharmacies, the AIMS medical center and the upcoming multi-speciality hospital in Palava will provide superlative diagnostics and care. 

A smart city with smart governance - Palava has adopted a unique C.C.T.V model which stands for Citizens, Community, Technology and Vision. To institute participative citizenship and inclusion of efficient city management practices, Palava has formed a private municipal and resident councils that work together to run the city. Hundreds of CCTVs are used for monitoring of public and common areas in the city. While common areas like clubhouse and buildings have strict access control. Further, a dedicated 24X7, 911 emergency number has been setup to deal with emergency situations such as theft, fire, medical services and 311 number to reach customer care.

Enjoy a greener lifestyle: A variety of trees, an extensive golf course, playgrounds and gardens are just some of the elements of greenery you are certain to notice at Palava. Almost every facet of life at Palava is steeped in nature and is embedded in the planning of the city. Greenery and open spaces are the hallmarks of life at Palava.

An opportunity of a well-balanced lifestyle: Being able to lead a well-balanced life is what most of us are after. At Palava, you will be able to do just that. With everything you need being right in the vicinity of your apartment, you will be able to find more time in your day and pack it with activities that you enjoy. Whether it's a long stroll along the riverside early in the morning or leisurely swim at the clubhouse or a quick trip to the mall to indulge in some retail therapy. 

A city that’s ready to be lived in: Palava is among the only planned cities in the country where you can start enjoying all the amenities and enjoy the enriched lifestyle from the moment you move into your residence. Apart from the amenities, you will also be a part of the thriving, vibrant community here of likeminded people from different walks of life. Be it sports, health, art & culture, music or photography you will find people who share your passion.

Lead a sustainable life: Palava has been designed as a truly sustainable city that reduces consumption of precious natural resources by initiatives like ensuring 100% water recycling, lowered energy needs by usage of solar energy for common areas, numerous trees that ensure higher Air Quality Index, waste management, lowering portable water need, eco-friendly mode of transport within the city and more.

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