"The more difficult the victory, greater the happiness in winning"
- Pele

We are glad to bring to you ‘Palava Corporate Challenge’ (PCC), a corporate football championship to be held on 11th, 12th & 18th February at Palava, India’s first smart city. PCC is a 5-a- side corporate football tournament to be held at the Palava football stadium. This tournament gives you a rare opportunity to play on a FIFA-standard astro turf in a stadium with stands that can easily accommodate over 700 people. The tournament will see analysts, salesmen, marketers, HR managers and consultants rough it out on the field for the title. PCC has been created to give the white collar junta of Mumbai an opportunity to relive their sporting days and showcase their athletic talent. So what are you waiting for? Come out with your mates, push yourselves to the limits and slug it out for corporate glory!

Bring along your family and friends to cheer and watch you play.



League Rounds

  • Teams will be randomly divided into different pools. Each pool will consist of 4 teams
  • Each team plays against the other 3 teams in its pool – a total of 3 matches
  • The top team from each pool will advance to the knock-out rounds

Knock Out Rounds

  • The winning team from each knock-out match will advance to the next round while the losing team will be eliminated from the tournament

Points System

For League Rounds:

  • Win – 2 points
  • Draw – 1 point
  • Loss – No points

In case of a Tie:

  • The team with highest goal difference in the group will advance to the next round
  • Goal Difference (GD) = Goal For (GF) – Goal Against (GA)
  • If there is still a tie, then head – to – head result will be taken into consideration
  • If still there is a tie, Goals for (GF) will be taken into consideration
  • If there is still a tie, then winner will be decided by toss.

Knock Out Rounds:

  • In case of a tie at full time, 2 minutes’ extra time will be taken into consideration
  • If still there is no decisive result, another 2 minutes’ extra time will be added
  • If there is still no decisive result, the winner will be declared basis a penalty shoot out

Penalty Shootout:

  • Each team will be given 5 penalty shots. The team with the maximum score will be declared the winner.
  • In case of a tie, another set of 5 penalty shots will be given to both the teams.
  • If still there is a tie, winner will be decided on sudden-death penalties.


Trophies will be awarded to winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up team.
In addition, there will be cash prizes as follows

1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up



Palava Football Stadium
Near Lodha World School, Kalyan-Shil Road,
Palava, Maharashtra – 421204

Contact: + 91 93 2199 7883
Email: jai.janani@sportzconsult.in



Nitin Kanhekar

Contact: +91 99 8782 3535
Email: nitin@sportzconsult.in



  • Q1: What is Palava Corporate Challenge (PCC)?

    A: Palava Corporate Challenge (PCC) is a 5-a-side Inter – Corporate Football Tournament organized by Palava City Management Association (PCMA) at the Palava football stadium.

  • Q2: Who can participate in the PCC?

    A: The participation is restricted to participants from corporates only.

  • Q3: What are the tournament dates?

    A: The tournament is scheduled on 11th, 12th and 18th of February 2017

  • Q4: Where will the Tournament be held?

    A: The Tournament will be held at FIFA-standard football stadium at Palava.
    The stadium has an astro-turf with spectator stands which can easily accommodate over 700 people. This stadium is also equipped with fully functional changing rooms for teams which has lockers, shower facilities, etc.

  • Q5: Is there any restriction in number of teams from each company?

    A: Only one team is allowed to participate per company.

  • Q6: What is the tournament format?

    A: The Palava Corporate Challenge is designed to create a thrilling sporting experience for the corporate employees. The tournament will be played on a League + Knockout format. Each team will get to play minimum 3 matches in the League phase. Each group will consist of three or four teams depending upon the number of teams. The winner of the League phase will progress to the knockout round.

  • Q7: What is the duration of each Match?

    A: Each match is of 15 minutes, 7 minutes per half with 1 minute of half time break.

  • Q10: What is the football field size?

    A: The dimensions of typical 5-a-side football field are 34 m x 24 m.

  • Q13: What is the registration fee to participate in the tournament?

    A: Yes, a registration fee of Rs.5,000/- per team is applicable.

  • Q14: Are jersey kits provided to the participants?

    A: Yes, we will provide jersey kits to participating teams.

  • Q15: How do I or my team register for the event?

    A: You can register your team online on this website in the registration tab. You can also confirm over a phone call or email us. The contact details are mentioned below. The company should allow you to participate in the name of the company.
    Name: Jai Janani – jai.janani@sportzconsult.in
    Phone: 9321997883

  • Q16: What is the last date of registration? When should I register?

    A: The last date of registration is 2nd Feb. 2017. However, you are advised to register as early as possible as we can take only limited entries.

  • Q17: Do I have to give the name of all the players during registration? Can I change the name of the players later?

    A: Yes, it is critical that all the names of the players are provided by the representative of the company. You have to provide all the names of the players before the last date of registration. However, you can register your team to ensure participation and then provide the names by the last date of registration.

  • Q19: Are the metal spikes allowed while playing?

    A: No, metal spikes are not allowed as it can damage the Astro Turf field.

  • Q20: Will the non-participants allowed to come and watch the games?

    A: Yes, they can! There will be some interesting activities/contests and exciting giveaways for the audience at venue.

  • Q21: How will we know of the schedule of the sport?

    A: We will inform the schedule by email / sms. It will also be uploaded on the website once the registration process is over.

  • Q22: Will I have to carry a company identification card during the event?

    A: Yes. In case you don’t have a company ID, you have to carry a letter from the HR on company letterhead stating that you are employed with the company.

  • Q.23: Is there any arrangements for food and refreshments for players?

    A: Food and refreshments will be provided at the venue for the participants.

  • Q24: What are the transportation arrangements for the players to travel to the venue?

    A: There will be buses arranged for the players with pick and drop service on both the places from different places across Mumbai. The pickup location and time will be communicated once the registration gets over.