Bringing the beloved Palava Times back in an all new e-avatar.
Bringing the beloved Palava Times back in an all new e-avatar.

INFRASTORIES – The latest infrastructure developments affecting our city

Palava Mobility Hub

Today urbanisation has brought to the fore the issue of ‘conserving green spaces.’ Growing population is leading to the rise of new neighbourhoods, which in turn are leading to the creation of new infrastructural development, which as a matter of fact means acquiring open space. The looming question in extending a city’s boundaries has always been; how can cities accommodate a growing number of citizens without compromising on liveable open spaces. At Palava, the Palava City Management Association (PCMA) has been addressing this issue by building Mobility Hubs in the city neighbourhoods.

Mobility Hubs are places in a community that bring together public transit, bike share, car share and other ways for people to get where they want to go without a private vehicle. For a quick hop and off within the city around Downtown or EPIC, one can hop on internal buses. Be it a visit to Xperia Mall, Palava’s entertainment and social hub, the 8-hole golf course, the local station at Dombivali or travel to Nariman Point, the southernmost part of Mumbai, Palava offers comfortable bus rides for them all! These buses start plying from the HUB that is located near the city security gate number ‘2 and are at a frequency starting every 15 minutes.

PCMA periodically engages in resident surveys related to transport and mobility services and endeavours to offer residents the best convenience and ease their daily commute. The city has re-designed the bus- transport network and amended and added more routes, revised schedule and improved frequency. The tickets and monthly passes are available at the PCMA office and the route schedules can be accessed anytime anywhere on the resident portal,

In addition to offering residents the convenience of travel, the Palava Mobility Hub aims to improve accessibility, enhance safety, plug route gaps, and reduce issues associated with carbon emission, traffic congestion, air quality and social exclusion. As they say, Palava is truly an International city with an Indian heart.