In the mid 90s, the Lodha Group began to acquire land with the vision
to create a truly unique city. Today, this green city is home to
thousands: with over 25,000 residential units sold. By 2025, the city
will house over 80,000 families. This city already has everything one could hope for.

  • Completed developments: Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold, Lodha Golflinks, two prestigious schools - Lodha World School and Pawar Public School, a FIFA standard football stadium, multi-sport arena, cricket grounds, a 9-hole golf course, four grand clubhouses and much more.

  • Properties nearing completion: Casa Rio, Casa Rio Gold, a 5-lac-square-foot mall with a multiplex, a multispecialty hospital and more.

  • Access to sports facilities and training academies in clubhouses, cricket grounds and the golf course.

  • Facilities like the preschool, the pharmacy and convenience stores, just a short walk from residences.