Education is an investment that we make for our children's bright future. Palava currently offers 3 leading ICSE schools, including one of India's leading schools- The Shri Ram Universal School. Over 20 more are planned in the future.


Aligning with its vision of providing an international standard of living to its citizens, Palava offers world-class infrastructure for a range of indoor and outdoor sports, including a FIFA standard football field, a cricket stadium, a 9-hole golf course, multi-purpose courts, a host of indoor sports and much more.

Soon, an Olympic standard sports complex will also be ready to train the budding sportsmen in the city.

The Olympic standard sports complex will include:

  • An Olympic-size swimming pool
  • An athletic track with its own stands and facilities
  • A Football field
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Squash courts
  • Badminton courts
  • A Volleyball court


A series of art and culture events, namely Tarang, keep the city resonating with excitement all year round.

Palava’s state-of-the-art clubhouses feature state-of-the-art swimming pools, world-class gymnasiums, a library, a movie theatre and a variety of indoor sports options, offer residents the perfect haven to keep fit.

Palava is also home to Xperia Mall, which features a 6-screen multiplex by PVR and renowned international brands like Hamleys, H&M and much more.

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Lodha Palava City - Garden and Play Area


Palava will soon have 7 million sq. feet of work spaces to support 100000 quality jobs. And the city’s economy is slated to grow to 10 billion dollars. Planned for major office industries, the business district will make it easier for people to cycle and walk to work.

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