A 24×7 Multi-Tier Security System Keeps A Watchful Eye On Palava

India is striving towards developing its 100 smart cities, and as India’s first privately planned Smart City, Palava continues to prepare for the future by investing in technology and infrastructure to provide its citizens a great quality of life.

One of the most important aspects of a smart city is safety, security and emergency response and these elements form the foundation of security at Palava. Foreseeing the requirement of an effective management team, Palava has a private and independent governing body called the Palava City Management Association (PCMA). PCMA is responsible for upkeeping the social welfare of citizens, and its operations are overseen by city administrators and urban experts.

PCMA endeavours to keep Palava citizens safe and secure by initiatives that include formation of the Palava security force that comprises experienced professionals with military intelligence and commando backgrounds, deployment of mobile patrols that consist of security vehicles and trained dog squads, and installation of over 450 CCTV cameras with video analytics in building areas and public spaces. To cater to emergency situations, PCMA has partnered with Topsline to ensure all emergency alarms are attended to within 10 minutes of an emergency call. Citizens can call for help via an emergency feature that is just a click away on their MyPalava app.

With its own fire station, upcoming hospital, and state-of-the-art command centre, PCMA is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the safety and welfare of its citizens.

With the rise in Palava’s population and advent of technology, security measures at Palava are constantly reviewed to enhance them further. PCMA has invested in a multi-tier approach to safety and security which is built on intelligence, monitored with technology and not entirely dependent on traditional solutions like physical guards that might not be very effective and only adds to citizens’ costs. The security is divided into 5 tiers, each of which serves a unique purpose and eventually culminates to form an unbreakable safety seal. These tiers are controlled by the command centre or the hub that serves as the 24×7 response system for the whole city of Palava.

Tier 1: Consists of an effective network of intelligence in the region such as the local police authorities. The Palava Security Force works closely with them to monitor local information needed to keep the city safe and secure.

Tier 2: The perimeter of Palava is tightly monitored 24×7 through CCTV cameras with a trip wire technology. All boundaries of the city are patrolled by security vehicles and dog squads.

Tier 3: This ensures all entry and exit points throughout Palava are constantly controlled. These checkpoints exist to ensure that travelling citizens and visitors are guided to the right places in the right manner.

Tier 4: This monitors safety and security in neighbourhoods and buildings. There are CCTV cameras installed at building lobbies with access control. All outdoors and open spaces are continuously monitored by cameras, physical guards and mobile patrols. This ensures all citizens are safe anytime anywhere within the city.

Tier 5: The final tier operates at an individual level. Citizens can dial 911 in the event of emergencies to summon response teams comprising ambulances, fire engines, local police and the Palava security force, with a maximum response time of 10 minutes.

Palava is designed to suit the modern lifestyles of today and those of the future, and meticulous planning and foresight are evident in its intelligent city management systems.

The Palava Smart Card (PSC) that is today the identity of every citizen will soon function as an e-wallet and allow citizens to avail of services and facilities throughout the city. This will ensure less dependence on physical verifications and easy and secure access to all the facilities within Palava.

Palava is continuously investing and building a safety, security and emergency response network that keeps its citizens secure and lets them move freely.

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