Tips To Make Your Home Monsoon Ready

13 July, 2016

After being belted by the summer heat, it’s round two for your house! But this time, it is the monsoon season. The rainy season makes you vulnerable to diseases and turns your house into a breeding ground for insects and bugs. It also causes dampness, humidity, leaking walls, followed by fungus build-up etc. But this doesn’t mean you wait for the season to get over and do nothing about it. No sir, you’ve got a job to do, i.e. save your house from the wrath of the monsoon.

Here are some simple tips that can come in handy:

Use dry cloth or special cleaning solutions on your furniture: There must be a reason why companies design special cleaning agents for cleaning your wooden furniture! Clearly, water is not your furniture’s friend. So instead of using water, use special cleaning agents to clean wooden surfaces. These products are readily available online. Well, if you want to avoid using the chemicals, try replacing the water with a dry cloth.

Consider replacing your floor cleaning agent: Monsoon is like a festive season for pests, rodents, bugs and other such creepy crawlies that pose a threat to you and your family’s health. They also damage your precious furniture and other stuff. This season switch your regular cleaning agent for ones that keeps bugs and insects away. Also, try and dry mop the floors as much as possible to prevent dampness in your home.

Make sure the drains are prepared for the rains: Remember to unclog the drains every week, because you don’t want to end up with clogged drains and the water from the drains running all over your house. This one can be a major problem. Apart from the foul smell and dampness, it breeds insects and other bugs that can cause serious health complications.

Do away with loose wires, ASAP!: Fix any unattended or loose wires in the house before it starts raining. However, if you stumble upon a faulty wire then instead of ignoring it, get it repaired without wasting a minute. These faulty wires are tragedies waiting to happen. Water leakage can cause short circuits and eventually start sparks and fires.

Fix any leakages and cracks in the corners: Mostly heavy rains are responsible for leakages which are very annoying and the damage after, a very expensive affair. These leaking spots cause the water to seep into your home and cause dampness. There are different adhesives readily available are apt in stopping any sort of water leakages.

But as the old saying goes, ‘precaution is better than cure’, prevent any water damage and enjoy the monsoon season with your family.

Happy Monsoons!

Credits: http://www.homecues.com/blog/2016/06/14/act-soon-before-its-monsoon-tips-to-make-your-house-monsoon-ready/