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Silly Home Security Mistakes!

May 14, 2016
safety measures at Palava

It is time to leave on a holiday and ensure the house is secure before you leave. You are in a hurry or worried about the last minute checks before leaving the house. You are running late or juggling luggage with house keys. You are simply too excited about your holiday or preoccupied with unfinished work. The reasons may be plenty but they all result in silly mistakes that may turn grave for home safety if you get unlucky. Let’s make a note of a few essentials you need to fix right before you leave on a holiday!

Leaving house keys under the doormat.

This may be an old habit as you always made sure it was easy for the maid to access them while you were away at work. Break this habit when on holiday as the doormat or pot is the easiest place to be traced by a burglar.

Safety tip – Instead, hand them over to a trusted neighbour. Leaving the damaged door lock unattended. The lock has been failing to clasp a few times, it needs to be repeatedly shut tight or it’s unlocking by itself. Yet you have continued to prolong repair and now have run short of time so you just postpone it for a later date. This provides any burglar an effortless entry into your house. Safety tip – Ensure the locks for the safety door and main door are always in optimum conditions, and replaced, if necessary.

Safety measures at Palava


Using fake security equipment.

Security cameras are expensive and the apartment has a plenty of alert security guards, therefore, you choose to save money and install a fake camera. Remember, burglars do their homework well and are the first to spot the difference.

Safety tip – Invest in a good quality security camera which can be regularly monitored on your smartphone.

safety measures at Palava


Updating travel plans on social media.

‘Vietnam calling’ or ‘In the mountains in 15 days’ is your new status update for the week as the holiday is about to begin. Remember, social media is accessed by plenty from your social circuit and beyond. Your status message may encourage someone’s ulterior motives.

Safety tip – Do not post travel itineraries on Facebook and other social and public forums.

security measures at Palava


Keeping all lights switched off.

When you are travelling, as a practice, all lights are switched off, though, remember, for a burglar it is indicative of a chance to strike. Darkness means lack of any activity at home.

Safety tip – Invest in digitally timed lights that can be programmed to switch on and off at particular intervals.

security measures at Palava


Forgetting to stop your mail or newspapers.

While you are on a holiday, your doorstep is gathering piles of news. One look at your doorstep and a burglar can identify that the house has no occupants. This can encourage him to strike.

Safety tip – Stop your mail or newspapers before you leave on holiday.

security measures at Palava