December 2016 Brings to You Palava’s Biggest Art and Cultural Festival, Tarang!

December 16, 2016

Palava Tarang is the city’s cultural festival that brings together some of the most renowned names from the field of art, music, and theater together to Palava. It keeps in mind the city`s vision of promoting various arts and culture initiatives.

‘Palava Tarang’, the festival that celebrates performing arts and culture began in 2015. Last year the event showcased maestros of music, dance, and theatre. The event took place over a period of four weeks and it explored the diverse art forms from across India. Artists such as Padmavibushan Hariprasad Chaurasia and Padmashri Ustad Rashid Khan enlivened the Palava Amphitheatre with their soulful performances.

This year things are a little different at Tarang 2016. The lineup this year includes the Indie rock band Indian Ocean, who are widely regarded as one of India’s foremost indie-rock band along with the folk-rock band Swarathma, who are known to leave the audience enthralled. The show also brings to you one of India’s finest sitarist Niladri Kumar.

As we see a day of incredible performances from some of India`s best-known artists we also see an entire day dedicated to the young ones in the family. To get your kids in a creative mood we have Rob, India’s biggest and most popular kids’ icon conducting his workshop ‘Mad Stuff With Rob’. Meanwhile, to bring back your childhood memories we have an enchanting retelling of Alice in Wonderland in the form of ‘Dastan Alice Ki’. We end the day on a happy note as Story Circus performs Tik Tak Tales, it’s fun Hinglish play which can be enjoyed by people across all age groups.

Saturday, 17th December
4 pm – MAD Stuff with Rob | 6 pm – Dastan Alice Ki | 8 pm – Tik Tak Tales |
11 am to 9 pm – Flea market & exciting cuisines

Sunday. 18th December
3.30 pm – Kramashah | 4 pm – Swarathma | 5.30 pm – Indian Ocean | 7.30 pm – Niladri Kumar |
11 am to 9 pm – Flea market & exciting cuisines

So, come along to celebrate art, music and our vibrant culture at Tarang 2016. Book your tickets now on to have a memorable weekend!

Palava’s In-House Concert Featuring The Merasis

July 11, 2016
Merasi concert cover

In the faraway dusty North-Western desert of Jaisalmer in India thrive the Merasis, a community that seems to be on the brink of being forgotten in the era of modernization. Merasi is a folk community descending from Rajasthan which is striving to compose, perform and sustain their vibrant musical legacy till date.

The community has carried their unique musical legacy for over 800 years. Even after being deemed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, the Merasi community continues to yearn for earnest appreciation and a heart-warming applause. A community of about 40,000 people in and around Jaisalmer, the Merasi community had been scorned as Manganiyars (beggars). They were treated as untouchables and did not attain basic rights such as education, political rights and healthcare. Even today, they struggle to be regarded as more than just Manganiyars. For about 40 generations, the Merasi have made a living by singing paeans at the temple of a local Hindu goddess named Bhatiyani, by performing at weddings, child-naming ceremonies and other events. Their music is a particular kind of Rajasthani folk sound that is lyrical and melodic yet full-bodied and vigorous. Originally Hindu, they were converted to Islam in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. But the Merasis’ loyalty to the goddess kept them anchored to their Hindu roots, making them one of India’s many contradictions – Muslim by name, and Hindu by custom and occupation, adding to their identity woes.

What makes the Merasi community’s music so appealing to their audience? Their tunes are not just musical notes played together, they have a soul of their own. They reflect their heritage by depicting stories of the community from birth to death and their array of songs are sung on different occasions, from Dussehra to Deepavali and even Holi. This talent and passion for folk music has fortunately found an anchor in Sarwar Khan, a local from Rajasthan who registered the Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan (LKSS) in Jaisalmer (India) to serve as the community centre for the Merasis. He was later joined by the New-York based non-profit, Fold Arts Rasjasthan (FAR), established in 2004 by Karen Lucas. Khan and Lucas work together to provide a thriving and unprejudiced future for the talented yet unrecognized community.

How are they helping the Merasis to keep their dream alive? The Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan (LKSS) and Folk Arts Rajasthan (FAR) have created a special course which caters to both the academic and musical needs of the Merasis. Children who are academically inclined and are exceptional students get chosen to become mentors for other children. Folk Arts Rajasthan (FAR) hosts several gatherings at Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan (LKSS) where they invite children from Jaisalmer and other rural villages to share knowledge, play music together, and work towards empowering the community and increasing their self-worth. They have formulated a series of activities to preserve the Merasi sound. Volunteers and students come together and regularly add recordings to the growing archives housed in New York.

FAR accompanies Merasi to Mumbai for an annual trip where they perform and get to explore the city. This helps them showcase their talent to other people and is instrumental in preserving their legacy. Merasi themselves have created the ‘Merasi Legacy Project.’ Students gain access to stories of their community and record them to compile it into a collection, which is used by them as a source of inspiration for their music.

On the 26th of June, Palava got an opportunity to host these legendary Merasis! The citizens of Palava watched in awe as the musicians showcased their legacy while rendering soulful tunes at the Lodha World School. The love and passion for their music was evident on the faces of the Merasi musicians whose devotion and enchanting renditions mesmerised the audience. There were cheers of appreciation and tears of joy!

The Merasi Musical Concert was hosted by an active Palava citizen’s group called The Renaissance Group. This group aims to form a city community wherein like-minded individuals can enjoy and participate in engaging activities in and around Palava. The sheer dedication and passion of the group members resulted in Palava witnessing folk music at its best.

Even as the Merasi persevere to sustain their music today, their soulful tunes have managed to captivate many across the country but their struggles for basic rights still pose a threat to their dream.

Lend your support to the Merasi students so that they can always have “one hand on the pen, one hand on the drum and both hands on the dream.”

Do you wish to help the Merasi community? You can get in touch with Hanover Wadia, their official Mumbai representative at +91- 9000 494 4333 (mobile) or write to him at:

To know more about this musical folk group, visit- and

Palava’s Go Green Initiative

June 20, 2016
Palava laid the foundation of a green future for generations to come with the Go Green initiative that kickstarted in May last year. Organised by PCMA with the support of the citizens, this initiative encourages each to do their bit for the environment while enjoying fun weekends bonding with their neighbours.
The Go Green initiative held across the weekends saw young and old citizens plant over 5,000 saplings of various trees including Coconut and Sita Ashok, across the neighbourhoods of Palava. Guided by the city’s expert horticulturists, the citizens planted saplings from the Palava’s own nursery located at Posari, a few kilometres away from the city. With each passing weekend, citizens participated with double the enthusiasm, toiling with shovels and getting their hands dirty in the mud. 
Palava’s Go Green initiative has been immensely successful, thanks to the overwhelming support from its people. Citizens of all ages came out on the weekends, put on their caps and planted several saplings. While parents felt there was no better way to have their children bond with nature, children couldn’t get enough of the saplings and gave them each a nickname to remember!
Palava citizens appreciated the initiative that made their environment greener and cleaner. Owing to the success of the events and the spirit in which Palava citizens participated, Go Green initiative led to the onset of Go Green tours that took citizens to spend an afternoon at Palava’s nursery. Such has been the support towards this initiative that now Go Green activities are being featured regularly in the city calendar through the year. Today, Palava is home to over 20,000 trees and the number only keeps growing!


Fun And Frolic At The 2nd Casa Carnival!

April 29, 2016
The second Casa Carnival was held at the Rio amphitheatre at Palava on 17th April 2016. With an array of mouthwatering snacks, beautifully handcrafted goods and electrifying performances it enthralled all family and friends. There was something for everybody, shoppers indulged in beautiful artifacts and jewellery, friends competed at game stalls and kids bounced high in air castles. The evening was enlivened by a series of dance performances beginning with little ones dancing to Bollywood beats, followed by folk dances, Garba and a dash of hip hop! And in addition to this action, guests were treated to two flash mob performances! The Palava Citizen Management Association was delighted to host wonderful guests, and make the evening bigger, better and bolder for them all. Here are some glimpses of that weekend. For those who missed out, we hope to see you at the next one!



A number of stalls were set up where our citizens displayed their handicrafts, jewellery, home made food and much more.



  The air castle was every child’s favourite spot.



The amphitheatre was packed with people. From the minute the electrifying performances began, till the very end, the audience was absolutely entertained.


 Everyone was surprised by the flash mob. It definitely was the highlight of the evening!

Casa Carnival

March 18, 2016

Watch out for the upcoming Casa Carnival

Casa Carnival is a fun-fair evening organised in Palava by the Palava Citizen Management Association. To be held at the Amphitheatre, by the Rio riverside promenade, it promises to entertain all with funfilled games, delicious food, shopping avenues and more. The last carnival saw over 800 residents revel together from the Casa Bella neighbourhood.

fun at Palava City's Casa Carnivalfun at Palava City's Casa Carnivalfun at Palava City's Casa Carnivalfun at Palava City's Casa Carnival