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    Palava Life


    VANDANA MEHROTRA – Marathon Runner and a Palava citizen As a teacher & mother, I always kept busy. This meant never finding any time for myself. Moving to Palava two years ago opened doors…

    August 21, 2018
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    Smart Edge

    Is Palava the Smart City That India Today Needs?

    Consider these scenarios: A completely Wi-Fi enabled city where citizens can connect to work while resting under a tree in their neighbourhood park. A universal ID card that can be used for cashless transactions…

    December 26, 2016
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    Smart Edge

    Carpool With sRide to Save Trees

    Palava continues to strengthen its bonhomie with the start-up community and build new partnerships. Its newest hyperlocal partner is ‘sRide’, a service dedicated to carpooling in India. Since its launch in Palava in August,…

    December 1, 2016