Mr. Mangal Prabhat Lodha, Founder & Mentor, Lodha Group

Is our Founder and Mentor. He founded the business in 1980 after moving to Mumbai from Jodhpur and through his hard work and dedication, inspired the company to its current height as India's largest real estate developer. In addition to his business achievements, he has created an impact across various fields - he has been Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Mala‎bar Hill in Mumbai for 5 consecutive terms, and received the highest % of votes in the entire state in the last election 2014. He leads various social organizations and is also member of the National Executive of the BJP. He focuses on social, religious and charitable activities, while continuing to provide strategic guidance to the company's business activities.

Palava By Lodha Group - The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration numbers: P51700000125 | P51700000342 | P51700000395 | P51700000378; P51700000269 | P51700000389 | P51700000124 | P51700000384 | P51700000391 | P51700000410 | P51700000142 | P51700000390 | P51700015016 | P51700015090 | P51700010960 | P51700013073 | P51700011068 | P51700013158 | P51700013145 | P51700013462 | P51700010109 | P51700011629 | P51700000506 | P51700000696 | P51700000596 | P51700000419 | P51700000540 | P51700000696 | P51700000506 | P51700014396 | and is available on the website under registered projects.